Minnesota Debating Marriage Equality Today!

Here is a great video form Minnesota for All Families

From HuffPost Politics:

The Democratic-led state Legislature in Minnesota is expected to begin a final push on Thursday toward making it the 12th U.S. state to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples and the third this month after Delaware and Rhode Island.

Leaders in Minnesota’s state House of Representatives have scheduled a vote for Thursday to advance a bill recognizing same-sex marriage, which would be followed by a vote in the state Senate on Monday, party spokesmen have said.

Democratic Governor Mark Dayton has indicated that he supports making same-sex marriage legal in the state and has been pressing lawmakers for their backing.

Watch: New Zealand MP on Marriage Equality

Last week, New Zealand became the 13th country to recognize same sex marriage.  Maurice Williamson, Member of Parliament, gave this wonderfully funny and spot on  speech.  Demonstrating how silly the opposition is is much more effective than arguing with them.

The main point of his speech is summed up here:

“So don’t make this into a big deal.  This is fantastic for people this affects,  but for the rest of us, life will go on.”

He also quoted Deuteronomy 1:29.  ”Be ye not afraid”

Watch: Hillary Clinton for Marriage Equality

Hilary Clinton stands for Marriage Equality for LGBT Americans.

(from HRC)

MS Outlook Ad Features Lesbian Couple

I saw this video on Joe My God this morning. Microsoft shows how to use outlook to keep up with your friends, including a lesbian wedding.

Eat that, haters!

UFC Fighter Supports Marriage Equality

Pro Football Players Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings, and Brendon Ayanbadejo of the Baltimore Ravens signed a brief to the Supreme court last month supporting marriage equality for gays and lesbians.  This week, Outsports reports that a UFC fighter,  ”Suga” Rashad Evans has signed on as well.  This is big news.

The UFC is an ultra- macho organization that has been sited as homophobic in the past.  That seems to be changing.  In January, UFC President, who had previously been criticized for using anti gay slurs, said ”If you’re an athlete in the UFC and you are gay, I could care less. You will not be treated any different.”  Also, Liz Caramouche, a female rising star in the  UFC, came out as a lesbian last year.

And now Evans has added his support.  The light-heavyweight fighter told Outsports:

“I’ve never been a homophobe, never understood what that is all about. I knew some people who were gay and never cared about their sexuality. But at the same time, I didn’t fully understand the issues around gay people until my friend BA started telling me about his full public support for gay marriage. We talked about the issue and I decided its not enough to not be against a minority, if you want things to go better for them you have to speak up with them.

I’m a UFC fighter, a macho-type sport. I am a heterosexual guy in a tough macho sport, which is exactly the reason I feel a duty to say I support gay marriage and gay rights.

“I have nothing to gain personally from supporting this issue, and that’s the point. Society as a whole is better when there is equality, and I want to live in a country where everyone has the same rights because we all benefit from that.

“What people overlook is that is isn’t a sex issue, its a love issue. There’s no justifiable reason for trying to get in the way of two people who love each other.

“I have kids. I don’t want them growing up in a society where they, or their friends, could be second class citizens based on which person they fall in love with or who they want to be happy with.”

It seems macho-type athletes aren’t as concerned as they once were about supporting gay rights.  Let’s hope this amazing support from these men spurs others to step forward.

Read the full article here.

Coming Out of Gay Football Player on “Necessary Roughness”

In a recent article, Chris Kluwe, the NFL Minnesota Viking and same-sex marriage advocate, gave his perspective on the coming out of gay football player on the football drama, “Necessary Roughness”.
Chris Kluwe Necessary Roughness

Here is the full essay contribution from Chris Kluwe, originally published on Salon.com.

After watching the two episodes of “Necessary Roughness” dealing with a gay football player coming out, I was struck by how accurately the writers and producers of the show portrayed what the locker room would be like. Now, obviously this is a television show, and no gay player has come out yet. But the show managed to capture the very essence of an NFL locker room.

It’s about choice.

It’s about individual players choosing how they react to a teammate, and whether or not they let that affect how they play on the field. It’s about choosing to talk to one another and understand, rather than relying on stereotypes and ignorance. It’s about choosing to speak up when it would be easier to stay silent (and it’s all too easy to stay silent and collect a paycheck). It’s about rallying around one another and realizing that we go through the same miserable aches and pains and the grind of a season (yes, even us punters, we’re people too) until finally you get a chance to rest and do it all over again. It’s about choosing the men you bleed and sweat with, tell jokes with, tease and mock over everything because it’s all fair game in the locker room — choosing the friendship and camaraderie over the anger and intolerance.

It’s about performance.

If any NFL players happen to read this, I guarantee you’ve played with or against a gay player at some point during your career — that’s simple statistics. Guess what? It didn’t make him any less of a player. It didn’t make him any less able to push through conditioning drills, less able to stay awake during meetings, less able to rally for the win when down by 10 with four minutes to go in the game. That gay player, whether you knew it or not — he was a teammate. He was your teammate. He was my teammate. Just like the coaches go on and on about every preseason: Once you step between those white lines, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, what you believe or when you were born. There’s only one thing that matters, and that’s “Can you play?”

It’s about trust, knowing that you can count on the men around you to do the right thing.

It’s about having the honesty to ask someone for help because you know you need it.

It’s about accepting the differences of every single person in that locker room, because if you don’t work together then you’ll certainly fall apart, and that’s when people get fired.

Above all, the locker room is about being a team.

Gay, straight, black, white, brown, red, tall or short — the essence of every good locker room is sticking by each other no matter what. Having each other’s backs. Supporting those around you, because you know they’ll support you in return. Will a gay player face people who don’t understand, people who throw insults and jeers? Absolutely. But if that player is in a locker room full of men, true men, men who understand the underlying bedrock of football, then that player won’t care because he’ll be part of a team — and that’s exactly what “Necessary Roughness” nailed in these two episodes. The cohesiveness of team.

Watch: Laura Bush, Dick Cheney and Colin Powell on Marriage Equality

A great ad showing 3 prominent GOP figures supporting equality.  Our time is coming!


Inspiring Couple: Christina and Jill

cj murla 2

Christina and Jill


Christina and Jill

Names: Christina and Jill

Residence:  Monroe, New York

Occupation:  Owners of Melange Med Spa

How did you meet?  We met when I (Christina) interviewed Jill for a job.

How long have you been together?  We’ve been together for 5 years

What is your relationship status?  We are living together and are engaged to be married.

What is your favorite activity together?  We spend a lot of time together since we own our own business.  We love going to shows, cooking and being active – we laugh a lot when we are in motion!  We  are great companions to each other and love just  just hanging out.

How do you deal with anti-gay adversity as a couple?  We just live our lives like everyone else.  We try to take advantage of lesbian vacations and events.

Are there any world changing or creative projects you do as a couple?  We would love to show our lives on TV in a REAL Reality Show, not some souped up show, but the real deal deal – fights, kids, laughter, pain , work, all of it!

What is the secret to staying together?  Our mortgage,  LOL!   We own a business together, so anything we can do to be supportive to the LGBT community through that is beneficial. Staying together is good communication.  We would miss each other terribly if we weren’t together!

What sets you apart/makes you unique as a couple?    We were once married to men and we each had two kids.  We both left our marriages and fought for each other.    Today we have built our own home together, we have our own business, have  four kids (3 teen girls and a 9 year old boy) - We count on each other, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. To say that and mean it, that’s unique!


Our “Inspiring Couples” series  features LGBT couples around the world sharing their secrets to navigating a relationship, dealing with adversity and celebrating their love.  If you would like to share your story, contact us as dan@homoquotables.com


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Illinois Marriage Equality on “Fast Track”

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

On Top Magazine had an article quoting IL Representative Greg Harris, “We are on a fast track to passing marriage equality in the state of Illinois”

Illinois passed civil unions two years ago with a bill Harris sponsored..  As expected, the lesser designation does not grant equal rights to same sex couples.  Civil unions are “marriage lite”.  Court after court has ruled in civil rights cases that separate is not equal.

Harris feels the legislation is on the fast track because people in the state have, “ talked to their neighbors, they’ve talked to their clergy people; they’ve decided treating every couple equally in the eyes of the law is the right thing to do.”

Here’s hoping he’s right and that Illinois will be the 10th state to offer Marriage Equality!

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