It Gets Better pulls 49ers Gay Rights Ad for Super Bowl 2013

According to the Examiner, a San Francisco 49ers gay rights ad was pulled by “It Gets Better Campaign.” Read the full article below or click here to read it from its original source.

According to Feb. 1, 2013 reports, a San Francisco 49ers gay rights ad has been pulled by “It Gets Better Campaign”.

The San Francisco 49ers became the first NFL team to tape a gay rights ad and was also the first such team to get their ad being pulled off soon by the campaign.

Reports state that the San Francisco 49ers have not been talking good about gay community. Recently, 49ers defensive back Chris Culliver commented that they wouldn’t like a gay football player in a NFL locker room. However, he later apologized for his comment.

In another incident, which made things worse, Ahmad Brooks and Isaac Sopoaga denied having made any gay rights ad for “It Gets Better Campaign”.

They apparently forgot about the gay rights video made by their team and also denied having any knowledge about the ad being made for gay rights promotion. Rather they thought it was an anti-bullying ad.

It seems the players were not interested in getting associated with the gay rights campaign and now the organization is not looking interested in having anything to do with the San Francisco 49ers.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Release an “It Gets Better” Video

I love this video.  My husband is Canadian, and he often talks about how being LGBT there is such a non issue.

It Gets Better – Dave

“It doesn’t just get better, it gets amazing… Don’t miss out!”

It Gets Better – Marcos


Marcos from Brasil posted this video.  His English is halting at times, but his message is clear… “My family, they not like it much, but they are my family.  They have to accept me for who I am.”



It Gets Better: Austin Police Department

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