The Olympic Hopeful with Two Dads

This picture caught my eye when I was reading Towle Road yesterday.  Andy Towle wrote, “Do yourselves a favor and head to the Indianapolis Star to read this story…”  I am really glad I did.

With the right wing vilifying the idea of same sex families as unnatural or harmful, it is so great when you get the chance to read something that proves them so very wrong.  What a wonderful story of a loving, normal family who happens to be gay. It sounds like this kid is not only an amazing athlete, but an amazing child as well.  Adopted by his dad, Jerry, who was single at the time, from a Cambodian orphanage, Jordan showed real promise as a diver at an early age.   He will be the grand marshal of the Circle City Indiana Pride Parade this month as well as heading to Seattle for the Olympic trials.  All this, and he appears to be a laid back, humble kid who just takes it all in stride.

Its a sweat story about a very cool family –  I’m guessing we’ll be hearing about him a lot in the future!


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