Ray Bradbury Dies at 91

The Washington Post has a nice remembrance of Ray Bradbury, the science fiction writer, who died today at age 91.  I read a few of his works when I was in school, but the one that always stuck with me was “Fahrenheit 451″.  I loved how, when all the books were burned by “firemen”, the leaned few dedicated their lives to passing on literature and knowledge.  Mr. Bradbury’s work is more social commentary than science fiction.

In remembering that book, it struck me how poignant it still  is.  Just this week, a Utah school district is disallowing books that feature same sex families, or a book that teaches that bullying gay teens is wrong.  Similarly, an Illinois school district has banned Todd Parr’s “The Family Book”, because it claims some families have two moms or two dads.

I understand parents not wanting the intricacies of sex, gay or straight,  explained to their young children, but trying to deny that our families exist?  I wonder how that little girl or boy who has two mommies feels when their family is never acknowledged at school.   I hear the right constantly screaming about “the children”, but what about ALL the children?


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