Drinking 6 Cups of Coffee a Day is Good for you? Woo hoo!

I gave up drinking alcohol almost 10 years ago. My last cigarette was 9 years ago. I lost 70 pounds. I work out everyday, take vitamins, eat sickeningly healthy – but I can’t give up my coffee.

I tried once for about 3 hours, but it was useless. I love coffee. I like it very strong and very hot -like my husband :-) . I take a fair amount of guff from people, but it’s my one vice. I allowed my self one unhealthy pleasure.

But last night I read an article citing a new study that showed coffee drinkers…. heavy coffee drinkers – were less likely to die during the same period as their non coffee drinking counter parts. People who drank 6 cups per day had the greatest benefits.

This morning I’m drinking my 6 (or more) cups with guilt free pleasure!

Read the article here.

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