Sweet Story of an 8 Year Old with Two Dads

This is such a sweet story from gay.net about a great famly.  Zach’s dad, Paul met Neil online – they fell in love.  But the story of how Neil became  such an important part of Zach’s life, and that the family all moved to San Francisco to make sure Zach could be close to his mom…  this is what family is all about.

I met my husband online – it was love and first click!  We, too, have blended families.  Most people don’t understand that Christmas includes me, my husband, my ex-wife, her boyfriend and our kids.  Its about wanting what’s best for everyone and not buying into how society thinks we should act.

When it comes down to it, how many people really live the Ozzie and Harriet life, anyway?  How boring would that be!

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