Obama Halts Deportation of “Dreamers”

Yesterday, President Obama announced a change in immigration policythat affects approximately 800,000  undocumented young people.  The so called “Dreamers” are individuals who came to this country illegally as children, some as infants.  The new policy will stop deportation of people under 30 who have or are getting a high school diploma, a GED or serving in the military.  It also will allow these people to apply for work permits every two years.

This idea, in general, is a bipartisan one that has been floating around congress for years.  With the Tea parties violent anti immigration stance, the once popular idea has become a wedge issue.  Initially proposed under President George W. Bush, the Dream Act would allow a path to cilizenship for young illegals.  The new policy will not offer anmesty and is being called a “short term fix for a long term problem”.

This move is brilliant.  It enlivens an unenthusiastic portion of a much needed demographic… Latinos.  The Latino community has been vocally disappointed in the lack of movement on the admministration’s part for immigration reform.  In fact, President Obama has deported more undocumented workers than any previous president.   Now, hopefully, this move will get more Latinos, who generally support Obama, out to the polls next November.

The GOP is in a sticky position.  This is good policy that has huge support.  While they decry that the president is doing a run around congress, they know that too much negative attention will drive away the few Latino voters they so desparately need.

Now, if the President would just issue something similar for bi-national gay couples… that would be great, but I’m not holding my breath.

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