Binational Lesbian Couple Given Deportation Reprieve

A legally married gay couple got a break from immigration services.

Japanese immigrant Takako Ueda and her American spouse, Frances Herbert, got word Tuesday that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services decided to defer action on deportation proceedings against Ueda, whose visa had expired.

I can’t help wondering if president Obama’s recent support of marriage equality helped the couple’s cause.

These cases are important. There are over 36,000 binational gay couples in this country, and my husband and I are among them. Michael is here on a student visa, and when he finishes his studies, our future is uncertain. Will DOMA be gone by then and I will be able to sponsor him for a green card, like heterosexual couples can? Will Michael get sponsored for a work visa? Will we be forced to leave our home and move to Canada?

There is a lot of unjust uncertainty for us… It’s time for our country treat all it’s citizens equally. The clock is ticking.

Read the entire article here.

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