Telling It Like It Is – A Mother worries about what she’ll need to tell her gay son

This article by Amelia from Huffington Post’s Gay Voices should be required reading for every American.  Although written from a parent’s point of view, it beautifully illustrates not only the hardships of growing up  gay in American, but highlights the many ways gays are discriminated against in this country.  This wonderful mother has celebrated her son’s coming out at age 6 (when he told her he was “just like” Blain and Kurt on Glee) and she has been an advocate for gay children ever since.  But being a realist, she has discussed the problems she knows he’ll face in a bigoted world.

I am always amazed at how little my friends know about the inequalities the LGBT community face… but before I came out 5 years ago, I was nearly as ignorant as they are.  Please read this article and pass it on to everyone you know!  As more people understand the challenges we face everyday, the sooner those challenges will begin to fade.  Little by little, the wall of injustice and misunderstanding will be knocked down.

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