Six Things Straight People Should Stop Saying About Gay People

I came across this article yesterday.  The author states that, 10 years ago, she had said all of these things.  I have heard all of these statements too many times to count.  Its a good article with real facts to support it.  Share it with your friends – So much of the discrimiation we face is based on ignorance rather than malice.  Educating people is our greatest weapon in our fight toward equality


From the Article:

“You can choose to continue oppressing fellow citizens, offend gay friends and family members, and push people away from the benefits of faith communities by repeating the above statements OR you can get informed and and stop saying ignorant, hurtful things.


    • Gay people have lives, not “lifestyles”.
    • God is a clever designer; the parts do fit and work quite well for same-sex loving couples.
    • Homosexuality is a natural expression of human sexuality.
    • People do not change sexual orientation.
    • Marriage is a civil right in the US.
    • The Bible is being wrongly used to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

We are guilty in families, society, workplaces and churches of oppressing a class of people because of our own ignorance and isolation. Be better than that. Get into relationships with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and get informed.

And stop saying stupid stuff.”

Read the whole article here.


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