My Biases Almost Made Me Miss Something So Good

I was going through some of the blogs I follow this morning.  Its been one of those busy weeks and I am a bit behind on everything, so I was racing through the headlines from The Advocate.  I usually like to take my time and at least skim each article, but I was in a hurry – I almost passed up the post titled Gay Police Officers Have a Message for Texas and LGBT Youth - Why?  Because I am prejudiced against Texas.  I know I am wrong, but whenever I hear the name of that state the words that pop up in my head are, bigotry, christianists, backward, ignorant, spiteful, and the worst thought of all, George W. Bush.  I try not to go there, but most items I see about the state are about hate, homophobia, anti-science, pro gun, pro capital punishment…. so I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, to look for something good from our largest state, because I know it is full of good meaning, kind and thoughtful people.  So I clicked on the article, and was pleasantly surprised.

It Gets Better Project

Most of you probably know or have at least heard of the It Gets Better Project – a series of videos inspired by Dan Savage and his husband, Terry Miller.  After a rash of gay teens took their own lives, Dan and Terry shared a video about their own experiences as teens, and how, after high school, things got better… much better.  The movement started and thousands of gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgendered and straight people began to post videos – some famous and some just average folks – all sending the message that each person is wonderful and sticking around is worth it, because live does get better.

I followed the videos for a while – Most were very powerful.  Some were sad.  Some were sweet.  All were worth my time.  Its been awhile since I’ve seen one, and the one above did one so many of the videos I’ve seen before did.  It made me cry.  I cried because it reminded me of my own pain as I came to terms with my sexuality as well as the relief and happiness I found after I came out and began showing the world – and myself – that being gay is not a bad thing.  That being me is not a bad thing.  I decided I’d like to share some of these videos here on this blog.  I hope if you haven’t seen them, you will enjoy them and pass them along.  And if you have seen them, maybe taking a second look will rekindle your interest in this amazing project that has helped so many people have hope.

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