A Rant Against the Rants

I came across this article in a link from Purple Unions.  Author Bill Hanson, in dot429,  decides to rant on the tired old anti-gay rhetoric – and he does a really good job.  The areas tackled are:

  • Homosexuality is not “natural
  • Homosexual couples cannot reproduce
  •  The Bible states that homosexuality is wrong
  •  Allowing gays to marry will cause the American society to collapse
But I love how he addresses my least favorite of the vile, bigoted remarks I read or hear so often…
  • God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve -  ”Anyone who uses this argument to justify their anti-gay sentiments is not worth talking to. Turn around, walk away, and don’t look back. Normally, stupidity is not contagious. However, in extreme cases like this, it’s not worth the chance. Entertaining this argument might actually be a sin itself. Approach with caution.”

It’s a good, quick read (catch it here)  and really drives the point home…. there really are no good arguments against equality.

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