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I just got tipped to a very cool website from the UK.  Its at  The goal, according to the website is “To help make road users journeys quicker and less stressful by providing them with useful, up to the minute road traffic information.”

I played around with the site and its pretty slick.  If you live in the UK or plan on visiting there, give it a look!



Gay Homestays

I love to travel.  Unfortunately, I don’t get much of a chance.  When I do get to travel, I don’t always enjoy staying in a hotel for more than a day or two.  Finding a place with a kitchen and more than one room is ideal, but usually very expensive.

Recently, I have been hearing about Homestays.  The traditional homestay involved housing for a foreign exchange student to find housing with a host family.  The idea is opening up to all types of travelers looking for an alternative to traditional hotel based accommodations.

I came across the company Gay Homestays this week.  The website offers travelors a way to search for homestay opportunities in a variety of cities all over the world.  The host sites are guest rooms in private homes, tourist apartments, gay or gay-friendly bed and breakfast or gay guest house rooms.

Has anyone used a homestay service?  Good experience?

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