Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Nervous over Prop 8

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear two cases in early 2013 on the legality of same-sex marriage. Supporters of gay marriage are just as nervous as they are excited. There is concern amongst supporters that while the court may rule that marriage is a constitutional right for same-sex couples, they may also rule in favor of Proposition 8. This is the ability for each state to make the ultimate ruling and even ban same-sex marriage despite the federal court, which is what happened in California in 2008.

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Supreme Court to Hear Cases on Gay Marriage

The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will be hearing two cases on gay marriage this upcoming March. This March’s ruling could make history for the nation’s stance on whether or not same-sex couples can legally marry.

However, despite the excitement and attention surrounding this case there are several barriers that the cases need to cross before they are even officially heard. If either case can not prove that there are real injuries to their specific party, than the case will not be heard by Federal courts, i.e. the Supreme Court.

For the broadest perspective on the federal legality of same-sex marriage, both cases would need to be heard with a decision that same-sex marriage is legal and marriage in itself a constitutional right. The judges in the Supreme Court are predicted to lock in a 5-4 split, and the outcome could fall either way.

We will keep you updated as the story evolves!

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Uruguay’s House Approves Marriage Equality

Uruguay’s House of Representatives overwhelmingly (81-6) approved same sex marriage in a vote today. The Senate is also expected to approve the law and the president should sign it early next year.

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Gay Couples Start Marrying in WA

Sunday marked the first day gay couples could legally marry in Washington state. Because of a three day waiting period, couples who registered for marriage licenses on Thursday had to wait until yesterday to have their ceremonies.

While numerous weddings were taking place across the state, both private and public, the city hall weddings were the largest public event, with more than 130 couples taking part. The city set up five separate chapels to accommodate the revelers. Starting at 10 a.m., cheers and applause regularly broke out as another couple’s marriage became official. Weddings were held until 5 p.m


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Colorado Civil Unions Bill to be Introduced Jan 2013


This morning the Denver Post headline read “Civil unions on fast track to passage in Colorado legislature

What a welcome site.  This past may, the bill was introduced with enough votes to pass, but the GOP leadership would not allow the bill to come to the floor for debate.  The then House Speaker has since lost his job, and a new speaker,  Democrat Mark Ferrandino, is openly gay and ready to bring civil unions to the state.

The bill will be introduced by Sen. Pat Steadman.  Steadman has led the fight for civil unions in the state.  Unfortunately, when civil unions become the law, he will not be able to benefit from it.  His partner of 12 years, Dave Misner, died in September from pancreatic cancer.  Although Steadman, Ferrandino and other law makers would prefer full marriage equality in the state, a 2006 constitutional amendment banning same sex marriages forbids it.

When passed, Colorado will become the ninth state to offer civil unions.


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Uruguay to Consider Full Marriage Equality

Uruguay, which already has civil unions, will consider a marriage law that grants the same rights and protections heterosexual couples receive, including adoption rights.

Today’s society is much broader than the heterosexual, and the civil code should reflect this: a marriage institution that applies equally to all,” Federico Grana, a member of the collective, told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “This goes well beyond homosexuality — it’s a law that gives all the same rights and responsibilities.”

Unsurprisingly, the Catholic Church is opposed.

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Young Man With Two Moms speaks Out for Marriage Equality in Maine

I saw this video posted on LinkedIn. One of Brian Arsenault’s moms posted it, saying “I’m so proud of him.” As well she should be… Brian is an articulate young man that makes a great statement about the meaning of marriage. When he meets someone and falls in love and gets married, he says, “I just want the relationship between me and my wife to be the same as my moms’.”

Study Shows Kids Adopted by Gay Parents Do Just As Well

A study published earlier this month in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry found that children adopted from foster care by gay parents did just as well developmentally as children adopted into straight households.  The study looked at 82 high risk children.  Cognitive and behavioral measures were taken at 2, 12 and 24 months after the adoptive placement.  Both groups showed significant gains in cognitive development and  similar behavioral problems.  The study noted that this was the case despite the fact that the gay families adopted children with higher developmental and environmental risks.

Once again, the facts show that gay parents do just as well as straight parents in raising kids.  The anti equality folks continue to argue otherwise, but study after study proves them wrong.  Unfortunately, from what I have observed, a good number of leaders on the right tend to pay very little attention to science that does not support their beliefs.  Hopefully, the courts will rule on the facts rather than bigotry.

Equality is coming…. the closer it gets the less patience I have.

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