Video: J Pee – “I’m Not Gay”


Video: Protect Our Children

Another great video from Rob Tisnai on the ludicrous arguments from the right.  This guy nails it!

Protecting the rights of children… not to have parents at all

Watch: Goats Yelling Like Human

If you haven’t’ watched this yet, please do.  It makes me laugh every time!

via George Takei


Very funny parody!

Watch: The Evolution of “Gay”

Youtube star Randy Rainbow chronicles the evolution of the word “gay” all to the tune of “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast.  Funny stuff!

The Reparative Therapy Session You’ll Never See

bachmann cartoonvia LGBT News


Wonderful Grandma


From LGBT News on Facebook.

Pick Your Battles


The Best Argument Yet for Gay Marriage!

Guys against gay marriage, beware.  If you don’t support us, gay men will marry your girlfriends!

tipped from the ever amazing Thomas from Beantown!

SNL Interviews Gay Couple From Maine

Following the vote that allow gay marriage in Maine last week, SNL features a gay couple… “oh yah”

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