Colorado Springs Pastor Calls For The “Removal of Homosexuals” From Society

I try to post mostly positive news on this blog.  I occasionally post about bigotry and hatred toward the LGBT community, but I try to keep it to a minimum.  But this one I couldn’t pass up.

Pastor David Beuhner of Larkspur, Colorado (a suburb of Colorado Springs, home of hate group Focus on the Family) is calling for discrimnation of gays:

 “I’m calling for discrimination against adulterers, rapists, murderers, homosexuals. Yes, we must discriminate as a society.”

Beuhner, the pastor of Christ the King Church told a local television station that he is preaching out of love.  He is warning gays of the destruction they will bring to all if they do not repent.  He went on further to compare gays to child molesters, cannibals and rapists.

Cannibals?  I’ve heard the rest… over and over again… but cannibals?

Beuhner wants laws that will remove homosexuals – whatever that means… Do we get an island?  Or will they just dig a deep pit and pour us all in?  Maybe they’ll just put us in an electrified fence until we all die out as Pastor Worley suggested last year?

“God’s law to the civil magistrate in terms of homosexuality says you should remove the abomination from the land, so that’s God’s instruction to the people who work up in the capitol who make our laws. That’s what they’re going to be held accountable for,” he said.

I know this is not representative of all Christians.  I really do.  But where are those Christians that stand for equality.  Why aren’t’ they marching in the streets?  Where are the full page ads like the Catholic Church can afford?  Even if you don’t want gays to be part of your church, where are the religious voices supporting full CIVIL equality?  I know they are out there, but why are they so easily drowned out by the ugly bigots.

If you have examples of religious institutions standing up for equality, send them my way, I’ll post them all!

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Question of the Gay



Where is your ideal Honeymoon location?

No Homophobes PSA

This PSA comes from the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services  at University of Alberta in Canada.

Read a nice description about their NoHomophobes project at Outsports.

PFLAG Founder Jeanne Manford Dies at 92


Jeanne Manford marches next to her son in 1972

Jeanne Manford marches next to her son in 1972

Jeanne Manford, the mother who started the group Parents and Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) died January 8 at the age of 92.

Mrs. Manford became a gay rights pioneer.  In 1972, after her son was severely beaten in a gay rights protest, Jeanne marched with him in the Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade – a gay rights march organized on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots of 1969.  The march would later become the New York Gay Pride Parade.  Jeanne marched next to her son carrying a sign that said, “Parents of Gays: Unite in Support of Our Children.”  After the parade, she was approached by people asking her to talk to their parents.

The first meeting of “Parents of Gays” included 20 people.  The group, eventually renamed PFLAG now has 350 chapters with over 200,000 members.

Even after her son, Morty, died of Aids in 1992, she remained an advocate for LGBT rights in this country.

Rachel Maddow aired a great tribute – its worth a look.



Hickenlooper Talks Civil Unions

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper gave his longest State of the State address on Thursday, January 10th, 2013. While the speech did cover expected topics such as gun control, marijuana regulation and Medicaid, Hickenlooper did make a point to mention civil unions. This topic has not been on the forefront of recent Colorado debates given the media attention on other issues. However, Gov. Hickenlooper did take the time to urge lawmakers in Colorado to pass legislation allowing civil unions for same-sex couples.

Any mention in favor of gay rights and marriage equality in politics is favorable and we hope to see the encouraged legislation passed sooner than later.

See a clip of Denver Post reporters discussing Hickenlooper’s speech in the video below or read more about the speech from Tim Hoover’s article in the Denver Post.

Read more:Hickenlooper’s speech touches on issues from guns to civil unions – The Denver Post
Read The Denver Post’s Terms of Use of its content:

Coming Out Letter and Teacher’s Amazing Response

I came across a letter posted on Gay Star News this morning.  It was about a letter written by an English student to his teacher.  The assignment was to write about  ”The weight that I carry daily”, and the student chose to bravely come out.  The article was focused on the amazing response from the teacher in her comments.  They read:

‘I am honored to be a witness to this weight being lifted off. You are an amazing, dynamic, compassionate, ‘with it’ young man who will give the world a gift just by you being you offering your love and spirit.

‘If people choose not to be comfortable with your honesty – their loss my friend – their loss.‘”

Read the students letter here.


National Cathedral to Perform Same Sex Weddings

The Washington National Cathedral announced on Wednesday, January 9th, that they will soon host same sex marriages. The National Cathedral, where new presidents are celebrated and national tragedies are mourned, will be among the first episcopal congregations to host gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender weddings.

The cathedral’s dean, Very Rev. Gary Hall, explained more behind the decision for the National Catedral to perform same sex weddings. “As a kind of tall-steeple, public church in the nation’s capital, by saying we’re going to bless same-sex marriages, conduct same-sex marriages, we are really trying to take the next step for marriage equality in the nation and in the culture.”

The Human Rights Campaign, the largest group for gay rights in the U.S., applauded the move and said that the cathedral’s actions sent a strong message to LGBT Episcopalians, that they are loved for just the way they are.

Gay weddings are allowed immediately but the Cathedral will most not likely see any marriages until this summer due to being booked for the next six months.

Read the full article by Brett Zongker here, on The Big Story.

National Cathedral Same Sex Marriage
Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Marriage Equality Bills Introduced in Rhode Island

We are only a week into the New Year and there are already exciting developments. Two brand new marriage equality bills for Rhode Island have been introduced. Also, while the vote on same sex marriage stalled in Illinois, the bill will be presented again and may be voted on as soon as February. Marriage News Watch covers the above as well as the latest news on a Congressional bill to repeal DOMA in the video below. 2013 will be an exciting year indeed.

Watch: Video from Theramin Trees

This is a great short video from  Theramin Trees.  The “about” section on YouTube reads, ”

People who don’t want you to think are never your friend

All I require of my fellow human is an ability to separate their ‘stuff’ — personal opinions, hopes, needs, beliefs, etc. — from other people’s.

A good reminder that we need to respect one another…. and that everyone should be treated equally – especially under the law.

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