Civil Unions Bill Passes in Colorado

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Civil Unions Bill Passes in Colorado and is Likely to Become Law

Today Colorado lawmakers took a historic vote on the approval of civil unions for gay couples. The Civil Unions Bill passed and will most likely become law within the state! Here is a full update from the recent article by Ivan Moreno on the Huffington Post.

DENVER — A measure allowing civil unions for gay couples has cleared the Colorado Legislature and is headed to the governor’s desk, where it’s expected to be signed.

The bill won final passage Tuesday on a 39-26 House vote, with two Republicans joining all Democrats to approve it.

Once the measure is signed, Colorado will join eight states that have civil unions or similar laws. Nine states and the District of Columbia allow gay marriage.

The bill’s approval marks a significant political shift in a western state that traditionally has had deep conservative roots but has become more moderate over the past decade.

Colorado voters banned gay marriage seven years ago. That means civil unions are the only option for gay couples in the state, but a U.S. Supreme ruling on gay marriage laws could change that.

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Ellen Files Her Version of an Amicus Brief


Ellen Degeneres has such a knack for making very poignant points on issues with her unique humor- she posted her own message to the Supreme Court last week. Read the whole thing here. It is just perfect.

Watch: Marriage News Watch for March 3, 2013

This update features details on who has filed amicus briefs in the DOMA and Prop 8 cases being reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Watch: The Ultimate Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

via George Takei

Gay Couple in Amazon’s Kindle Commercial

The new Amazon Kindle Paperweight commercial has a surprise ending and one that commends approval from the LGBT community.

What do you think of the twist of having the gay couple in Amazon’s Kindle commercial? Let us know!

President Obama on Prop 8 Brief

In a press conference today, Pres. Obama explained his administration’s brief filed against proposition 8.

We cannot discriminate against same-sex couples when it comes to marriage.”

LGBT Percentage-Where does your state rank?

In 2012, Gallup examined the LGBT percentage by state, by a poll that asked the following: “Do you personally identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?”

Colorado came in with 3.2% identifying as LGBT, see a list of all of the states and their results here. You might be surprised!

LGBT Percentage

Here is a summary of the poll straight from Gallup.

The percentage of U.S. adults who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) ranges from 1.7% in North Dakota to 5.1% in Hawaii and 10% in the District of Columbia, according to Gallup surveys conducted from June-December 2012. Residents in the District of Columbia were most likely to identify as LGBT (10%). Among states, the highest percentage was in Hawaii (5.1%) and the lowest in North Dakota (1.7%), but all states are within two percentage points of the nationwide average of 3.5%…Overall, the results from this analysis of LGBT identity by state may run counter to some stereotypes that portray the LGBT community as heavily grouped in certain states of the union.

Bullies Speak the Truth!

Great skit from Key and Peele.

Whoopi Goldberg receives the HRC Ally for Equality Award

Actress, Commedienne, Singer, and Entertainer Whoopi Goldberg talks about the importance of LGBT equality at the 2013 HRC New York Gala. Take a peek at the video below to hear the speech after Whoopi Goldberg receives the HRC Ally for Equality Award.

Marriage Equality and the Superbowl

Marriage News Watch

American Equal Rights brings us a video highlighting recent developments for marriage equality.

Marriage Equality and the Superbowl
Anti-gay comments overshadow the Superbowl, but they can’t stop progress in Arizona, Hawaii, and Rhode Island. We have new legislation and strong polling to carry marriage forward from coast to coast.

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