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"The spaces between your fingers were created so another's could fill them in"

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Married People Are Happier… Than Who?

An interesting study out of Michigan State University looked at the question “Are married people happier?”.   They found that married people were not necessarily happier than they were when they were single, but compared to single people of the same age, tended to stay happier over time.  That is, the researchers found that married people are, on the whole happier than they would have been if they had stayed single.

Although they did not study unmarried, cohabitating couples, that would be a great follow up.  Does the security and social acceptance of a marriage play a role in maintaining higher levels of satisfaction, or is it just the fact that people are in committed long-term relationships that keeps those levels from declining as time passes?

The Huffington Post has a Q&A with the study’s authors here.

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Green Lantern Has a Boyfriend.

A few weeks ago, DC comics revealed its plans to reintroduce one of its “iconic” characters as gay.  The only hints they gave were that it was a male.  The writer of the comic series Earth 2, James  Robinson, was interviewed by The Advocate (read the interview here) and gave some insight into the decision to make Alan Scott’s character gay.

I didn’t realize that there have been several versions of the Green Lantern over the years, but Alan Scott is the original.  He was introduced in 1940 and was a very popular character for the comic.  DC is relaunching many of their characters in an attempt to revive readership, refresh the characters and attract younger readers.  In previous story lines, Alan Scott’s biological son, known as Obsidian, was a gay character.  Since the reboot would not included him, he got the idea to make Scott gay.  His editors didn’t blink an eye.

This is a true testament to the fact that “gay” is becoming part of the normal experience in American.  I think having a strong, handsome superhero who defends the universe will be a positive image for young gay men… and pretty cool for old gay men like me.  Count me in to get a copy of Earth 2 #2 – it will be released next Wednesday.


Breaking News: DOMA Found Unconstitutional by 1st Circuit Court of Appeals

The Defense of Marriage Act that denies federal recogition to legally married same sex couples has been found, yet again, unconstitutional.  This time by the 1st Circuit court of appeals.  This 3 judge panel includes two highly regarded GOP nominees,  Juan Torruella and Michael Boudin.

Read the news item form Think Progress here.


Read a more detailed article from the Huffington Post here

California Senate Approves Ban on “Conversion” Therapy


Ted Lieu, CA State Senator

Earlier today the California state senate approved bill 1172.  The bill bans the practice by licensed mental health professionals of “conversion” therapy – that is, curing the gay.  The bill, sponsored by Ted Lieuwas also cosponsored by a number of entities including Equality California, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Mental Health America of Northern California, Gaylesta, and Lambda Legal.  The bill still needs to be  passed by the Assembly and signed by Governor Brown.   Read the press release from Equality California here.

The bill would ban the practice for minors, even if their parents want “reparative” therapy – There are several studies that suggests that the practice is not only ineffective, but extremely harmful.  I hope more states come on board soon.

Good going, California!

Lambda Legal and the ALCU Take on Illinois re: Marriage Equality

This morning the ACLU and Lambda Legal announced it is filing two lawsuit on the behalf of 25 gay and lesbian couples in Illinois.  Each couple attempted to get a marriage license at the Cook County Courthouse, but was denied due to the state’s Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, which prohibits same sex marriage.  The lawsuit claims the law violates the Illinois state  constitution’s equal protection and due processes clauses.

It looks like activists are going to have to challenge marriage equality in the courts rather than rely on the legislature to act fairly.  It seems with the victories in the Prop 8 case as well as the five federal judges ruling DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act), that the judiciary may decide marriage equality, much like it did with interracial marriage in the 60′s.

It seems to me that the more court cases we have to refer to when we reach the Supreme Court, the better.

Read about the lawsuits here.

Gareth Thomas Has Attitude

Out retired rugby star Gareth Thomas dons nothing for the cover of Attitude Magazine.  I think he still works out a bit.


The Naked issue is designed to increase HIV awareness.  Read the entire story here.

Marry the person you can’t live without

“You don’t marry the person you can live with – you marry the person you can’t live without”

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Support for Marriage Equality Jumps Dramatically

Wow! A recent poll shows Maryland voters supporting marriage equality 57% to 37%. That jumped from 2 months ago when the numbers were 52% to 44%. The major change is within the black community. Currently, 55% of African Americans support gay marriage, while prior to the President’s endorsement, that number was 39%.

I think Mr. Obama’s timing was perfect!

Read the entire article here

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