Christians vs. “Christianists”

Last night I read about a Kansas Paster who thinks the government should execute all gay people. I saw another blog post today.  You can read his exact statement here.  Beware, it’s vile.

I started thinking how horrid some Christians are. Then I remembered the term “Christisnist”. Coined by conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan, he defined it as the fringes of the religious right that use scripture for power, control and oppression.  He uses the term Christianists to equate it with fundamental Islamist who have usurped and twisted the teachings of Islam to overtake entire countries.  Read Sullivan’s original blog post here.

Christianists, not Christians, are horrible, hateful people.

Stereotypes Are a Real Time Saver

This morning, my straight buddy Paul posted on Facebook that he thought it was odd that homophobes spend so much time thinking about the sex lives of gay folk.  I told him what most gays have always guessed was the underlying cause.  The most anti-gay homophobes are probably closet cases themselves.  I shared an article with him about a study at the University of Rochester that shows a high number of individuals with the most anti-gay feelings also have a high degree of same sex attraction.  Finally we are seeing clinical proof of what we’ve always known down deep.  Read more about the study here.

Paul joked that he was really jealous because he can’t accessorize.  It got me thinking – there are so many stereotypes about gays.  We see them on TV, in the movies, in magazines.  I thought about me and my husband.  We can be pigeon-holed on a few things, but for the most part, we don’t fit the stereo type.

I shot back to Paul that when I came out I thought I’d suddenly have fashion sense, decorating skills, be able to style hair and have an undying thirst for cosmopolitans and facials…. but no! I still dress like shit, hate the Golden Girls and our apartment looks like Oscar’s bedroom on the Odd Couple. Our date nights consist of watching UFC at the local sports bar or sharing popcorn at “The Avengers”. And the only antique in our apartment is me!


Tell your man, stereotypical or not, that he’s the one with a romantic gay greeting card.

About Us

Dan McLellan (left)  is the designer behind Homoquotables. Frustrated at the lack of romantic greeting cards offered to the LGBT community, he decided to design his own. Dan is the proud father of two amazing kids.  He and his husband Michael were married in Manhattan, NY in March, 2012.  They live in Boulder, Colorado

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