American Academy of Pediatrics Endorses Same Sex Marriage



Just days before the Supreme Court of the United States is set to hear arguments regarding same sex marriages, a prominent group of Amercian pediatricians has released a report supporting same sex unions. The report, published on the American Academy of Pediatrics website today, sites research that:

“Parents’ sexual orientation has no effect on a child’s development. Kids fare just as well in gay or straight families when they are nurturing and financially and emotionally stable.”

The policy also cites statistics that say more than 2 million children are being reared in same sex households, many of whom do now live in states that allow gays to marry.

The timing of the release is important. According to the Academy’s president, Dr. Thomas McInterney, “We wanted that policy statement available for the justices to review.”

The Academy has previously supported same sex parents in statements and briefs filed to the SCOTUS.

I can’t wait to hear the bigot’s react!


Read the policy statement here

Poll: 58% of Americans Support Gay Marriage

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In a recent ABC/Washington Post poll, respondents were asked “Do you think it should legal or illegal for gay and lesbian couples to get married?”  I am blown away that the 58% responded that, yes, LGBT couples deserve the same rights as straight couples.  The trend has been going in that direction for some time, but the pace has sped up considerably in the last few years.

See all the analysis here.

I wonder if the Supreme Court, who many feel will make a narrow ruling on the right to marry, pays attention to polling, and if they do, will they want to be on the right side of history or not?  Oral arguments start next Monday.  I can’t wait to hear what gems Justice Scalia spew out!





Marry The One You Cannot Live Without

Marriage Equality


“You don’t marry someone you can live with; you marry someone you cannot live without”

Watch: Hillary Clinton for Marriage Equality

Hilary Clinton stands for Marriage Equality for LGBT Americans.

(from HRC)

Letter From a Great Dad



Watch: Bill Gates Supports Boy Scouts Ending Discrimination

Bill Gates thinks the Boy Scouts should end the ban on gays because “it’s 2013″

From Towleroad

Bill Clinton for Marriage Equality

In the most recent video, Bill Clinton for Marriage Equality, from Marriage News Watch, we learn that not only is the former president for gay rights but that in addition to forward movement for Colorado’s civil unions, there are several favorable polls for marriage equality in key political states.

See more videos from Marriage News Watch here.

Marriage Equality Advances in MN House and Senate

After emotional testimony both for and against marriage equality, bills supporting gay marriage passed committees in tooth the Minnesota house and senate. There were so many beautiful stories about love and commitment from same sex couples and allies alike. Anti-gay opponents were equally as loud, although nothing new was offered. The usual “life will cease” and “will someone think about the children” were the general theme, as it has always been with bigotry. Recall debates about the civil rights of blacks and women…. Nothing new here, folks. Bigots only have one tactic… Fear.

Because of budgetary issues taking a priority, debate before the full house and senate will not happen for several weeks.

Read the full article here

MS Outlook Ad Features Lesbian Couple

I saw this video on Joe My God this morning. Microsoft shows how to use outlook to keep up with your friends, including a lesbian wedding.

Eat that, haters!

Civil Unions Bill Passes in Colorado

Gay Rights CO

Civil Unions Bill Passes in Colorado and is Likely to Become Law

Today Colorado lawmakers took a historic vote on the approval of civil unions for gay couples. The Civil Unions Bill passed and will most likely become law within the state! Here is a full update from the recent article by Ivan Moreno on the Huffington Post.

DENVER — A measure allowing civil unions for gay couples has cleared the Colorado Legislature and is headed to the governor’s desk, where it’s expected to be signed.

The bill won final passage Tuesday on a 39-26 House vote, with two Republicans joining all Democrats to approve it.

Once the measure is signed, Colorado will join eight states that have civil unions or similar laws. Nine states and the District of Columbia allow gay marriage.

The bill’s approval marks a significant political shift in a western state that traditionally has had deep conservative roots but has become more moderate over the past decade.

Colorado voters banned gay marriage seven years ago. That means civil unions are the only option for gay couples in the state, but a U.S. Supreme ruling on gay marriage laws could change that.

Click here for the full article.

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