The Waiting Game

Waiting for equality is so hard – My husband and I were talking last night – It appears the Supreme Court will be hearing one of more of the cases that have found DOMA unconstitutional by my next spring.  I doubt it will happen that fast, but would’t it be great if we got federal recognition by 2013?

As we are scraping up the money for fall semester for my husbands tuition, it seems pretty unfair that we are paying triple what a married heterosexual couple pays.  And when he graduates, what happens then?  His visa is tied to being in school – there are other options we can look at, but it seems pretty unfair that we have to.  We meet all the criteria to apply for permanent residency for him, but because we are both men, we would be denied because of DOMA.

We are getting near the finish line – the stakes are high for so many of us – the closer we are, the harder it gets to wait!


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